In accordance with the CDC, we will be taking additional precautionary measures and temporarily shutting down. This shutdown is effective from March 25th to May 1st. You can still call us at 615-461-8031 to schedule appointments for May 1st and after.


The GROOM ROOM is a full service dog grooming salon.

Let Roxy out for 5 minutes and she’s covered in mud.

No worries! No matter how dirty your little friend gets, we can clean them right up!

Bring her on in and we will take care of her for you.

We do not fight, sedate, or man handle our furry guests. We will call you to come hold her hand.

She will leave happy
and spotless!

So head on over to our Specials
page to receive coupon and give
us a try!

The paint and name may have changed,

but the staff, the service, and the respect for the dog and its owners have not.

Our Legacy

We have a strong legacy with ties to the community and strong relationships with our furry friends and their families. We are building on that legacy with all the same familiar faces your and your dog have grown accustom to over the years.