Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.
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How long does
grooming take?

We do our best to get your dog done as quickly as possible. We groom the dogs in the order they are checked in. The average time is two hours, but if a dog is very matted or unruly it could take longer. We call you as soon as the grooming is finished and ready for pick up.


What if I can’t pick up my dog as soon as he’s ready?

That is ok! We are there until 4pm and we don’t let the dogs go more than 3-4 hours without a potty break.

Can I stay

with my dog?

Most dogs do best when the owner is not visible. If they see you, they typically try to get to you. When the groomer is working with clippers and sharp scissors, that can put your dog in dangerous spot.

How often should my dog be groomed?

Typically six to eight weeks. Regular visits help reduce skin allergies that are absorbed through their skin. Bathing rehydrates the skin to reduce dandruff. Dirt and oil build up in the coat which can cause odor and can make an unsightly mess on the carpet and furniture. Regular grooming reduces matting and keeps everyone happy.

What do I need to bring to the first grooming session?

Per the health department, and safety of groomers and other dogs, proof of vaccinations are required before we can groom your dog. These records can either be brought in or called in by your vet.

Can you treat fleas?

Yes. It is our policy, out of respect for other dogs and their owners to immediately treat them with capstar,(an oral flea treatment, recommended by vet offices) and sequester them for half hour until the fleas start to die then follow with a flea bath…It’s the ultimate flea funeral. This is not a cure, it is temporary until your dog is put on the monthly flea prevention by your vet. There is an additional charge for this mandatory service.

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Do you groom aggressive dogs?

We reserve the right to refuse any dog that aggressively poses a danger to our groomers, other dogs, or destruction of facility contents. Failure to notify the Groom Room of special circumstances of a dogs behavior may result in mandatory cancellation and damage charges may be applied.

How do you
dry the dogs?

This is an important question to ask any groomer because your pet’s safety can be at stake. We use towels, fans, and no heat blow dryers. Hot cage dryers are not used at The Groom Room.

How early can I bring my dog?

Dog drop off begins at 7:30am when we open. We will call you as soon as the dog has finished his grooming session.

My dog is matted.
What can you do?

We will discuss with you the degree of matting and if we think we will be able to remove the matting without discomfort. Dematting without pain takes skill, patience, and time. We do our best to keep the hair as close as possible to the desired length first. Unfortunately, trying to comb out mats is painful for the dog. If the mats are tight and close to the skin, the safest and most comfortable option for the dog is to cut the hair short or shave it. Needless to say, extra time means extra charges in addition to the price of the groom.

Do you take dogs that are elderly, aggressive, or have special needs?

The Groom Room does not sedate a dog. If sedation is required, the owner is responsible for the medication and medicating the dog one hour before the groom. It’s very rare, but there could be a handling fee for an aggressive dog. Aggressive dogs are a risk to the groomer. For the elderly and special needs dogs who have trouble standing for long periods of time, we have specialized equipment that can help them, but mostly, we hold them to take the pressure off and love them through the process with dignity and comfort.

Do you groom puppies?

Yes. It’s a good idea to familiarize your puppy with grooming even if it is for a simple bath and processes to start out with. This will help him learn that grooming is a pleasant experience at an early age. We have a new puppy package that includes bath, nail trim, round paws, sanitary, and face trim. This introduces the puppy early to the grooming process and sounds.

What products do you use?

The groomer assesses the need of the dog before determining the product. We use Soothing oatmeal for sensitive skin, medicated Zymox for allergies and flea bites, and medicated flea shampoo for the infested ones. We also use Le Pooch whitening shampoo for our white furry friends who get a little dingy in between shampoos.